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The winery located on 12,5 hectares built in 2011 is one of the greatest fruit juice producers in the South Caucasus. Az-Granata produces the wine and vodka products along with the fruit juice, concentrate and compote. The winery contains the fruit acceptance and processing, preparation of concentrate, the storage of fruit juices in the aseptic tanks, the storage warehouse of wine and cognac spirits, the distillery, the shop floors for filling and package of glass and “tetra pak” containers, and the sections for the storage of the ready and auxiliary raw materials. The pomegranate, grape, apple, pear, feykhoa, mulberry, cornel and quince products are processed in fruit acceptance line. So, the plant is able to process 12 tons pomegranate, 10 tons apple, and 40 tons grape per hour. The stages of acceptance, cleaning, classification, cutting into small pieces, squashing, pressing, sterilization in high temperature, storage in the aseptic tank (40 pieces, 50 tons each of them) of the fruit are realized in fruit acceptance shop floor. The annual production capacity of the plant contains 100 million packaging for fruit juice, and 24 000 000 bottles for the alcoholic drinks.

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